Our company was born in 1971 by Bill and Frances Van-Helsdingen, as Home Style Catering. Bill an immigrant of the Netherlands and Baker by trade, completed events at local service clubs including the Knights of Columbus. The company was taken over by Peter Van-Helsdingen after graduating from Niagara College Hotel and Restaurant Management Program. In 1995 the company was incorporated as Feastivities Events and Catering.  Peter's Passion is providing outstanding customer service and in the past teaching to hospitality students at Niagara College, George Brown, or one of his speaking engagements at catering and event conferences, in the areas of Event Planning and Advanced Food Safety Certification. “There is nothing better to say goodnight to client that you just created an event to remember for a lifetime";  The company has now grown, due to the work ethnic and customer service provided by the professional employees to Niagara’s Largest Event Planning and Catering Service.  Peter is proud that both of his children Makayla and Michael are now third generation caterers and aspiring event planners! At events you may see the family in many proud roles in a chef coat, server uniform, rain coat, black bow tie, or head dishwasher. 

Successful Divisions include;

Event Planning Division. 

Food Service Consulting Division.

Wedding Division, Proudly serving Niagara Finest venues in the Niagara Region managed by a professional team of Event Planners.

Our event team regularly attends, Event Solutions and Catersource Seminars to educate our clients on the new and ever involving trends. Our unmatched ability to customize packages, present superb cuisine in challenging, off-site locations and execute seamless, sophisticated service has made us the first choice of many major clients.

When the World comes to Niagara Feastivities Events and Catering receives the call.....................

Redbull Competition
Challenge was to plan and execute an event for Red Bull, closing down Victoria Avenue, licensing, and setting up a perimeter fencing for security for 4000 people. Set-up of Multiple bars, VIP Area, Our staff hands where frozen but the event was a great success due to the management team dedication,(and consuming red bull for 3 days!)

Canoe Niagara 2013
For the World Championships Feastivities Events and Catering was asked to create a menu plan to feed close to 1000 athletes for 6 days, 200 Volunteers, 150 Officials and the media. It was a task that took months of planning and execution. Challenges’ included feeding the athletes from 63 countries a meal plan that would compliment there completion times and days. With over 50 staff on site throughout the week, our entire team through hard work and great event planning succeeded to make Welland proud to host future events at the Flat Water course.

Dragon Boat 2015

The task was to feed lunches and distribute to over 600 athletes daily.  The team started early mornings.... 3a.m. to ensure each lunch was fresh and delivered on time.  The team was highlighted on the Food Network for their efforts.  

Olympics Relay Torch Run - Vancouver Olympics

Feastivities was called to create a meal plan for sponsors and security staff as the torch came through Niagara. Logistically our team had to follow the "parade" and serve at 15 minutes notice. The key to success was to manage each event component separately with a dedicated team.

I often get asked when I am speaking at an Event or catering conference, or a guest on television, what is the secret to success; the answer: surround yourself with a professional team.

We are proud Members of the International Caterers Associations, Catersource, and The Chamber of Commerce. Awards include RBC Business of the month, and nominated for Business of the Year. We are honored to be on Anna Olsen “Sugar???, on the Food Network, Breakfast Television in Toronto, and several Bridal magazines.

Our Promise

  • To provide the finest quality food to our clients and guests
  • To provide customer service above and beyond what is expected
  • To provide solutions to our clients, not problems or concerns
  • To make every event we cater special for our clients
  • To give back to our community.

Feastivities Events & Catering are members of the following organizations:

  • The Welland/Pelham Chamber of Commerce
  • The Niagara Culinary Trail
  • Catersource
  • International Caterers Association
  • Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce 

Peter Van-Helsdingen - President of Feastivities Events & Catering

Sue Tourangeau - Director of Operations

Sue Tourangeau is our Director of Operations. Sue has been in the hospitality business for over 25 years at wineries and leading restaurants. Feastivities is proud to have her lead our team for over 15 years, and has a wealth of experience in planning weddings, social gatherings as well as corporate events. Sue is now working part-time. 



Sarah Small, Event Planner 

We are thrilled that Sarah joined our MGMT team in 2017.  Food and events is her passion. Her 17 year professional background in hospitality managing Niagara leading restaurants and planning weddings as an event planner WPIC certified. On any given event you will see this well versed professional in a Chef Coat or Event Manager.

 Makayla Van Helsdingen, Catering Manager



Jordan Purdy Kitchen Lead

A proud Graduate in Culinary from Niagara College, Jordan has been with Feastivities for over 5 years managing a team of 14 Culinary Staff.  She holds prior resturant management Experience and is the "Rock" of the kitchen. 



Alex Chef Manager 

A local of St Catharines, Chef Alex Barron found the kitchen at a young age working with a local catering company. During his final high school years, he really started focusing on building a culinary career. After completing the Apprenticeship Preparation Course offered by a local high school, it seemed only natural to continue in studying at the Niagara Culinary Institute. The program offered a travel and work opportunity and Alex chose to make his move West, to Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta to work at the historic Kilmorey Lodge. He returned to Niagara to complete his training at Niagara Culinary Institute but then returned to the West Coast where he called Vancouver Island home for ten years.

 Having a fresh start in such a vibrant city with beautiful ingredients and the ocean's bounty at a hand’s reach, lit a fierce fire in the young cook’s heart. He started getting serious at the Hotel Rialto's Veneto Lounge. This brand-new hotel and restaurant was awarded 'Best New Restaurant in Canada in 2009' by Toronto's 'Where' Industry Magazine, as well as several other awards.  His passion for food and travel led him on two cross country and international competition BBQ tours: BC's Sun Peaks Ski Resort and Knight Inlet Lodge (a fly-in floating wilderness resort.) He also worked at Dolphins Resort in Campbell River, in the north of Vancouver Island. Dolphins boasts chartered Heli fishing and rustic cabins on the Discovery Passage and is a perfect venue for weddings and special getaways.

 In the spring of 2017 Alex returned to Ontario and joined Winery teams. We are proud to have Alex on the BOTH MGMT culinary team.  Having spent most of his time training in hotels and resorts, a winery was a natural progression for a young chef seeking a rewarding challenge.